Finding the Domain and Range of a GraphDetermine the domain and range for the graph below. Write your answer in interval notation and in set builder form using a compound inequality.Domain written in interval notation:Range written in interval notation:Domain written in set builder formUse a compound inequality:{x| _________ }Range written in set builder formUse a compound inequality: {y|_________ }

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:By looking at the graph I notice an open circle at (-4, -5) which means the function is not evaluable at -4, this restricts the domain.The Domain of a function represents the set of values for which the function has an output.The Range of a function is the set containing all the possible values associated with all input.Domain in interval notation: (-4, 3]. The parenthesis denotes that the interval does not contain the extreme point -4. The brackets are the opposite.Domain in set builder notation: [tex]$\{x |-4<x \leq 3 \}$[/tex]Range in interval notation: (-5, -3]Range in set builder notation: Β [tex]$\{y |-5<y \leq 3 \}$[/tex]