Trig help please!!! This is due tomorrow. If you don’t mind could you please explain how you do it

Accepted Solution

Answer:The larger acute angle is equal to 50.8 degrees.Step-by-step explanation:Let's solve for both of the acute angles for the purpose of checking our work at the end with angle A being the top angle and angle B being the one on the base of the triangle (that's not the 90 degrees one). Determining whether to use sin/cos/tan comes from SOH-CAH-TOA.A = cos^-1 (2√6/2√15) However, you need to move the radical out of the denominator by multiplying √15 to the numerator and denominator. You should come up with (2√90)/30. So,A = cos^-1 (2√90/30) = 50.768 degrees.B = sin^-1 (2√90/30) = 39.231 degrees.Now, we can check the work by adding the 2 angles to 90 and, if it comes to 180, it's right. cos^-1 (2√90/30) + sin^-1 (2√90/30) + 90 = 180.If you have any questions on where I got a formula or any step, feel free to ask in the comments!